'The Art of CUHK 2006' opened from 27 May to 25 June, including the graduation exhibition, postgraduate exhibition, invitational exhibition and the annual exhibition. This annual event links up the Department of Fine Arts with the public, and offers a valuable oppotunity for the students to exhibit their artworks.

Aiming to document the event and to foster further discussions and exchange, this book, comprising of a DVD (CD.000736) and essays, was published by a small editorial group formed by committees of 'The Art of CUHK 2006'. The DVD contains mainly visual documentations of the exhibits, opening ceremonies, forum and adjudication; whereas the essays written by teachers and students tried to attain the objective with more diverse and analytical perspectives.
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對手/朋友 - 葉旭耀先生、何兆基先生訪談 - TSOI Kawang, 蔡嘉宏
東扯西拉 - 畢業生訪住問 - HO Sintung, 何倩彤
繪畫有時承受不到很多conceptual的事情 - 訪問周俊輝 - CHIU Meichi, 趙美枝
About Chow Chun Fai and Intertextuality - Frank VIGNERON, 韋一空
不是主席的話 - TONG Yingtung Yentl, 湯映彤
有關邀請展的邀請 - TONG Yingtung Yentl, 湯映彤
「中大藝術2006」之觀後隨筆 - TONG Yingtung Yentl, 湯映彤
放矢 - Milu, 米鹿
看你看他再看我 - 略記數月的院校藝術交流 - Kaqi, 卡其
The Art of CUHK 2006
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The Art of CUHK 2006, 中大藝術2006

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