'The Object is this thing that refuses to go away. Virtual reality, conceptual art and numerous philosophical and psychological traditions have sought to de-thingify the world, but the object, in its many forms, persists. This anthology surveys some of the many twists and turns on the object-subject relationship, from "thingness", everyday and useful objects to lost, performative and non-objects. This wide-ranging selection of 20th- and 21st-century texts brings the object to the fore as a prism through which to re-read contemporary art and understand its recent past.' - from back cover.

'Artists surveyed include Absalon//Art in Ruins//Iain Baxter//Louise Bourgeois//Marcel Broodthaers//Lygia Clark//Claude Closky//Brian D. Collier//Jimmie Durham//Fischli & Weiss//General Idea//Isa Genzken// Gruppe Geflecht//Eva Hesse//Mike Kelley//John Latham//Sherrie Levine//Allan McCollum//Gustav Metzger//Helio Oiticica//Gabriel Orozco// Katrina Palmer//Adrian Piper//Falke Pisano//Issa Samb//Gregor Schneider//Kenneth Snelson//Song Dong//Josef Strau//Alina Szapocznikow//Joelle Tuerlinckx//Eric Watier//Erwin Wurm. 

'Writers include Arjun Appadurai//Karl Beveridge//Bill Brown//Ian Burn//Jack Burnham//Gillo Dorfles//Ferreira Gullar//Charles Harrison//Paulo Herkenhoff//Chrissie Iles//Yacouba Konate//Rosalind Krauss//Bruno Latour//Jean-Francois Lyotard//Lev Manovich//Ursula Meyer//Kristie Miller//Bruno Munari//Georges Perec//Dieter Roelstraete//Marcus Steinweg//Hito Steyerl//Amie Thomasson//Gerard Wajcman//Slavoj Zizek.' - from back cover.

Please note that only Asian artists are indexed.
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Documents of Contemporary Art

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Antony HUDEK

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Introduction: Detours of Objects - Antony HUDEK
Subject, Object, Thing
Everyday Objects, Useful Objects
Found Objects, Lost Objects, Non-Objects
Discursive Objects, Affective Objects
Event, Object, Performance
The Object
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The Object

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