"The Random Access exhibition is an effort to push this concept further. To this aim, the first temporary exhibition for 2010 will be opened alongside a completely restructured 'permanent exhibition' that will reflect new findings resulting from research undertaken by the NJP Art Center. Conducted over the past two years these findings will also be presented in parallel with the catalogue The Return of Nam June Paik. Additionally, the permanent exhibition will also incorporate many of the new acquisitions the NJP Art Center has worked on to build a solid base for its collection. German collector Eric Andersch's complete Nam June Paik Art Collection consists of important objects and early works like Audiotape Reels from 1958/62, but also provides the art center with the most important posters and documents of Paik's early years in Germany like Fluxus Island, Exhibition of Music (1963) or the Aachen 1964 poster. From Mary Bauermeister's collection the art center acquired important early letters Paik exchanged with her, as well as the first rehearsal scrolls Paik made for his performance Zen for Head. An additional 2009 acquisitions highlight is the first ever chandelier made by Paik – Video Chandelier Nr.1 (1989), acquired from a German TV station. "  (http://www.e-flux.com/shows/view/7852)

This book does not strictly coincide with an exhibition.  Published by the Nam June Paik Art Center, Media Integral Research Institute, (MIRI).  Includes short articles by Youngchul LEE and Namsoo KIM.
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Paik Nam June, Now Jump

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artist monograph

(The Return of Nam June Paik)
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The Return of Nam June Paik, 백남준의 귀환