This is a guide to the Second Riwaq Biennale held at various venues throughout Palestine from 21-24 October 2007. Challenging the perceptions and expectations of what a biennale can be, it forgoes the large-scale central exhibition model, instead offering a series of curated conversations and interactions between Palestinian and international artists, architects, planners, conservationists, curators, and theorists. This edition of the biennale is centred on a three-day symposium at Birzeit University developed in partnership with multiple institutions, leading to a series of related workshops, exhibitions, projects and gatherings in 2007 and 2008. In addition to furthering its objective of protecting and promoting cultural heritage in Palestine, the Riwaq Biennale questions the role of art and artist in relation to their communities and looks at ways to reconnect the isolated territory of Palestine to the international art world.

Features texts by various contributors about the symposium, gatherings, workshops, projects, visits and screenings that make up the biennale. Note that images are not included. Biographies are provided.

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Riwaq Biennale: To Set in Motion

- Khalil RABAH

An Artistic Journey Beyond Borders

- Khouloud DAIBES

Protecting Palestinian Cultural Heritage: The Role of the Ministry of Local Governance


Palestinian Ministry of Culture

- Ibrahim BREISH

Palestinian Architecture and the Problem of 'Style'


The Second Riwaq Biennale and UNESCO

- Giovanni Fontana ANTONELLI

Symposium Session 1: Planning - Rehabilitation of Historic Centres as a Tool for Community Development
Symposium Session 2: Heritage Conservation
Symposium Session 3: Architecture and Geopolitics
Symposium Session 4: Art Gatherings

- Charles ESCHE

Policy Document for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Architectural Heritage
Architecture Workshop
Heritage, Violence, and Healing: Heritage in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies (Palestine, Kosovo, South Africa)
On Kawara
Badrans: A Century of Tradition and Innovation

- Salwa D. MIKDADI

First Class Enters Academy of Art

- Maria C. KHOURY

The Virtual Gallery at Birzeit University and Riwaq: Shared Missions


On Being an Art Project

- Sani P. MEO

Riwaq: Non-Stop Evolution

- Nazmi JU'BEH

ArtSchool Palestine

- Samar MARTHA

The Palestinian Art Court - Al Hoash

- Rawan SHARAF

The Academy's Vision

- Reem FADDA

The Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation: At a Juncture in Urban Development and Architectural Conservation
The Centre for Jerusalem Studies: Reviving Culture in the Old City
Hebron Rehabilitation Committee
Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre
A.M. Qattan Foundation
Al-Ma'mal Foundation
Biennale Video Art Screening/ Installation Programme
Protect 50 Images = Protect 50 Percent of Cultural Heritage in Palestine

- Suad AMIRY

The Second Riwaq Biennale
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The Second Riwaq Biennale