This publication brings together the artworks and exhibitions of Korean artist Chung Seoyoung from the end of the 1990s to the present. The artist, expanding from her sculptural practice to performance, sound installation, video, is an artist at the forefront of contesting the definition of contemporary art in Korea. This book focuses on the sculptural dimensions of Chung's works, which, despite recent interest in the topic of time, sound and movement, are physical and demonstrate a performativity, resulting in a dialectics of plastic composition and formal elements.

Includes an interview with the artist, and a biography. Explanatory texts of plates are occasionally provided.

Please note that the Archive also holds a catalogue of Chung's solo exhibition with the same title of this publication at Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, with Kim Hyunjin (editor of the book) being the curator.
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An Interview with Chung Seoyoung with Ms.C
The Words and Things of Chung Seoyoung - KIM Hyunjin, b. 1975, 김현진
The Speed of the Large, the Small, and the Wide
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The Speed of the Large, the Small, and the Wide