This is the catalogue of Tu Weicheng's solo exhibition which 'incorporates a number of elements including an archaeological excavation of a site of cultural heritage, a video record, the display of unearthed artifacts, media promotions and the development of related peripheral commodities. The "unearthed artifacts" are all created by the artist himself, combining a variety of different shapes of artifacts infused with images of ancient civilisation - murals, stone reliefs, steles and carved stones. Despite this, the content is used to represent an era of new information technology, such as computer languages and scrambled text. In this way, distinct cultural symbols, expressive forms and representative meanings belonging to different civilisations and eras are mixed together as a collage of "ancient cultural artifacts" just unearthed, creating a sense of displacement in time and space for the viewer'.

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Exhibition Discourse

- HUANG Shuping Iris, 黃舒屏

A Fable of Cultural Production: The Strategic Nature of Beauty and Mystery of Bu Num Civilization Revealed

- KAO Chienhui, 高千惠

Artist's Statement

- TU Weicheng, 涂維政

Tu Wei-cheng
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Tu Wei-cheng, 凃維政