For the purpose of bringing artists together to discuss their views on art's relationship to social action, three 'Who Cares' discussions, with 37 participants including artists, curators and scholars, are organised by Creative Time in 2005.

The first conversation, 'Anywhere in the World', responds to the cultural phenomenon of art biennials and urban art festivals. It draws the attention upon the need for discursive spaces, with a focus on 'how to see beyond the ideologically convenient museum and art fair celebrations of socially relational forms, to a real horizon of new audiences, their politics, and the practices that might affect them. (p. 23)'

Given the theme of 'Beauty and its discontents', Conversation Two concentrates on 'ways in which aspects of contemporary art are affected by socially-based criticism that is still mistaken for a "denigration of beauty," alongside the role that industrial standards of glamour continue to play in reducing the political potential of even the most poetic moments of daily public interaction. (p. 61)'

And 'War Culture' - the last meeting asks how artists and art practitioners, when working in response to war culture, remain critical in 'a historical period overwhelmed with ideological manipulation, violence, and despair (p. 97)'. Problems such as privatisation of knowledge, censorship, and making threats as oppression, etc. are identified.

Transcriptions of all meetings and essays are included in this publication. Participant biographies also included.

*Other non-Asian participants include: Julie Ault, Gregg Bordowitz, Tania Bruguera, Mel Chin, Dean Daderko, Peter Eleey, Coco Fusco, Chitra Ganesh, Deborah Grant, Hans Haacke, K8 Hardy, Sharon Hayes, Emily Jacir, Ronak Kapadia, Steve Kurtz, Julian LaVerdiere, Lucy Lippard, Marlene McCarty, John Menick, Helen Molesworth, Heather Peterson, Paul Pfeiffer, Patricia C. Phillips, Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas, Martha Rosler, Ralph Rugoff, Amy Sillman, Kiki Smith, Nato Thompson, and The Yes Men.
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Chapter headings
Introduction - Anne PASTERNAK
Finding Cythera: Disobedient Art and New Publics - Doug ASHFORD
Anywhere in the World - Coversation 1
Beauty and Its Discontents - Conversation 2
War Culture - Conversation 3
Appendix 1 - Original Draft Letter to Participants with Addendum Agendas - Doug ASHFORD
Appendix 2 - Kubba Bamia - Michael RAKOWITZ
Appendix 3 - The Muster: Address - Allison SMITH
Appendix 4 - A Few Postprandial Thoughts on 'Creative Time' and Globalism - David STRAUSS
Appendix 5 - Considering the Alternative: Are 'Artists' Really Necessary? (A Reasonable Proposal) - David STRAUSS
Appendix 6 - Teaching After the End - David STRAUSS, Daniel J. MARTINEZ
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