This is the catalogue for Mak Hin-yeung’s solo exhibition at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1982. Mak's sculptural works are presented here, with a focus on the representation of the human figure. In his long and thorough essay on the art of Mak, Chang Tsong-zung writes, ‘In his world, the human figure has again spun a logo akin to the tradition of humanism. Art as a creative activity defies the boundaries of guarded disciplines by placing man and his spirit at the centre of intellectual concerns. In the art of Mak, traditional icons have found greater expressive powers by realizing these icons’ (in particular the figure’s) potential as abstract symbols. He has used this tool to make broader statements about life and the human condition than is otherwise possible.’ A biography of the artist is included.

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Works of Mak Hin-Yeung
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Works of Mak Hin-Yeung, 麥顯揚之作品