Taiwanese artist Yao Jui-chung plays a dual role as artist and critic, producing photo-works, theatre works and installation art, as well being an art critic and writer. As an artist, Yao constantly receives exhibition material such as invitation cards, postcards, leaflets, and brochures, and over the years has kept these mailings. His original intention was to keep this huge variety of printed material for his own reference. Only gradually, did he see the importance of preserving these items as evidence of the development of art in Taiwan.

This digital collection covers material from early 1990s to 2004, and includes nearly 5000 scanned images of invitation cards, leaflets, and newspaper and periodical articles written on and by Yao. The collection was digitised with the help of AAA's Taiwan researcher and arrived in the archive in 2005.

A set of 8 discs:
Disc 1-7 (CD.000976.1 to CD.000976.7) located at the CD/DVD cabinet: 
Digitized files of images of invitations and pamphlets of contemporary Asian art exhibitions/events held in Taiwan.
Disc 8 (CD.000976.8) located at the CD/DVD cabinet:
Digitized files of articles by Yao Jui-chung, articles on Yao Jui-chung and scanned articles from newspaper Xuan Tong Bao.

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YAO Juichung, 姚瑞中

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Yao Jui-chung's Personal Archive of Taiwanese Contemporary Art, 姚瑞中(個人)台灣當代藝術資料庫