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Shortlist | Performing the Protests

Recommended readings on artists engaging with activism in Hong Kong


How To Change The World Without Really Trying: Reflections On Performance Art Today

Lee Wen considers whether performance art has lost its edge in resistance to mainstream culture


Motherhood, Motherland: Photography, Representation, and Agency of the Filipina Overseas Worker

Alice Sarmiento asks whether exhibitions and artist-led initiatives can change how we connect space, citizenship, and acts of caregiving

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On Public Mindedness: In Conversation with Vasif Kortun

Being public is not a given, it has to be earned. Vasif Kortun and Özge Ersoy discuss art institutions, publics, and institutional alliances

Shortlist | The Semi-Autonomous Zine
Collection Spotlight

Shortlist | The Semi-Autonomous Zine: Charting Margins and Peripheries in Independent Publishing

Recommended readings on zine and independent publishing cultures in East and South East Asia

Shortlist | Women in the Visual Arts in India and South Asia: Some Partial Maps
Collection Spotlight

Shortlist | Women in the Visual Arts in India and South Asia: Some Partial Maps

Recommended readings on women in the visual arts in India and South Asia


Part-time Pedagogies: Introducing Three Places for Emancipatory Learning

Through annotated illustrations, Michael Leung reflects on the potential for emancipatory learning in Hong Kong


Gendering Her Art: The Category of “Woman” in the Art History of Hong Kong

Christina Yuen Zi Chung looks at gender-themed art exhibitions and their relation to feminist discourse in Hong Kong

Shortlist | Art Periodicals in the Philippines, 1970s to 2000s
Collection Spotlight

Shortlist | Art Periodicals in the Philippines, 1970s to 2000s

Recommended readings on the rise and fall of the art periodical scene in the Philippines from the 1970s to 2000s

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Building Asia Art Archive, Part 3

How does AAA make decisions about what it collects? Jane DeBevoise and Anthony Yung discuss AAA’s China projects in relation to this query


“Earth Drives Earth Along”: In Conversation with Nilima Sheikh

Nilima Sheikh discusses the histories and materiality of four natural pigments from her studio space in Baroda


Viewed from a Train: Glimpses of the Artist as Hong Kong Citizen

Valerie C. Doran looks at an arts festival held in a Hong Kong village slated for demolition, and how artists respond to social issues in alternative ways

Boris Groys Art Power (Detail)

Boris Groys in Conversation with Johnson Chang

On archives as “museums minus the aesthetic experience,” the return of God as a spectator, and the totalitarianism of music


Art Writing and Its Circulation: Three Moments in Hong Kong

Michelle Wong looks at three instances of art writing and their relationship with Hong Kong


Notes on the "Vernacular" Milieus of Art Writing

Sneha Ragavan questions the dominance of English in India’s art historiography and criticism


A Conversation Between Chen Kuan-hsing and Rasheed Araeen

On art, history, institutions, and decolonisation struggles


Mapping Asia

Note from the Editors


Criticism and “The Essence of Contemporary Asian Art”

Lee Weng Choy on emerging discourses that stake as well as contest claims about what "Asia" might mean