Collection Spotlight

Seasonal Changes: Celebrating Spring Workshop

A look at some of the programmes and publications the Hong Kong cultural non-profit produced over six years

HH Art Spaces

The Ground Beneath My Feet: In Conversation with Nikhil Chopra and Romain Loustau

Sabih Ahmed and HH Art Spaces discuss live art, the body, and approaching curating as artists

It Begins with a Story Li Xianting
Research Notes

In Dialogue with Li Xianting

Five items to get you better acquainted with a featured speaker at AAA's symposium It Begins with a Story

It Begins with a Story Charles Esche
Research Notes

Reading the Zeitgeist with Charles Esche

Five items to get you better acquainted with the keynote speaker for AAA's symposium It Begins with a Story

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The Latest Shortlists

Two new bibliographies by art history scholars on archiving and the Partition of India

Guangzhou Triennial Homepage
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AAA Collection at the Guggenheim | New Systems

Items from AAA on display at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum for Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World

A bird
Behind the Scenes

Building Asia Art Archive, Part 2

Researchers Sabih Ahmed and Sneha Ragavan discuss their work on histories, contemporary art, and the South Asia region

Image: <i>Ideas</i> crossword.
Behind the Scenes

Month in Review | September and October 2017

A round-up of two months of Ideas

Lo Ting Home List
Collection Spotlight

Reading Recommendations | Seeing Things, Being There

A list of primary and secondary materials and books related to the Asia Art Archive exhibition

Collection Spotlight

Archive Five | Periodicals, Avant-Garde Movements, and Transnational Dialogue

Di Liu presents five periodicals that cultivate transnational dialogue and exchange in Asia and beyond

The Nameless
Research Notes

The Ground Underneath: On Ho Tzu Nyen's The Nameless

Võ Hồng Chương-Đài examines how Ho's video installation acts as a non sequitur to colonialist and nationalist historiographies


Nonny de la Peña in Conversation with Lin Yilin

The artists discuss virtual reality, art, performance, and empathy

Image: Covers of the periodical <i>Free World</i>.
Research Notes

Periodicals, American Interventions, and Art in Asia During the Cold War

On Ho Tzu Nyen's research in relation to items in the Ha Bik Chuen Archive

Image: Ha Bik Chuen, Contact Sheet No.181 'Demonstration by Cindy Lau', 3 October 1998 (detail).

Digital Shadows: An Interview with Tyler Coburn

The New York-based artist discusses his work with the Ha Bik Chuen Archive

Montien Boonma, The Pleasure of Being, Crying, Dying and Eating, 1993/2015.
Collection Spotlight

Archive Five | Artists Doing Pot: Ceramics and the Contemporary in East Asia

Alexandra Seno presents five artists who have embraced ceramic traditions as part of their art practice

Image: AAA Library.
Behind the Scenes

Building Asia Art Archive

A brief history of the non-profit organisation as told through priority areas of research and programming interest

Hsiung Shih Art Monthly
Research Notes

On Periodicals, Exhibition Materials, Personal Archives, and Approaching Issues from Multiple Angles

Peggy Wang discusses her process and the materials that inform her scholarship

Ho Tzu Nyen The Name (Still)

Ho Tzu Nyen on The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia

The Singaporean artist discusses tigers, ghosts, algorithms, and life after celluloid film

Research Notes

Back to the Future: Contemporary Art and the Hong Kong Handover

What two Hong Kong exhibitions reveal about the handover, identity, and contemporary art