Photologue | 2008 Taipei Arts Awards

Twenty eight out of 386 participants were selected for the 2008 Taipei Arts Awards – five winners, five Honorable Mention, and eighteen finalists.

Organized by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the annual Taipei Arts Awards is an important competition for young artists and students to participate in. Aiming to showcase the vision of young talents, the event has become a platform for students to jump from academia into the art scene, as well as a channel for young artists to gain recognition for their work. Numerous past winners of the Taipei Arts Awards have subsequently participated on to the international stage, such as at the Venice Biennale, the Kassel Documenta and the Shanghai Biennial. In recent years, the Taipei Arts Awards have become a reference exhibition for the development and trajectory of Taiwanese contemporary art.


Wed, 1 Apr 2009

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