A Chinoiserie Out of the Old West

Asia Art Archive, Arrow Factory and Art Promotion Office co-present the first of the Artist Talk Series for 2009-2010.

In 2006, The New York Times described Asian-American artist Patty Chang as “one of our most consistently exciting young artists”. Born in 1972, Chang is perhaps best known for her work as a performance artist whose works have taken the body as their primary subject. Her unflinching presence on the screen has often elicited discomfort and confusion in the viewer and, although not the artist’s initial focus, it is also worth noting her identity as an Asian American woman. Chang was a 2008 finalist for the Hugo Boss Prize and has exhibited widely in international exhibitions and projects – her piece Flotsam Jetsam (2007) featured in MoMA’s ‘New Directors’ series in 2008; her video installation work, Shangri-La, was shown at the New Museum of Contemporary Art New York, Hammer Museum LA and MoCA Chicago in 2005 and The Product Love (Die Ware Liebe) recently premiered at Mary Boone Gallery, New York. Chang lives and works in New York. In her talk, Chang will discuss her artistic practice, primarily concentrating on the ideas and trajectories behind her latest works.