Lunchtime talk with art historian and sociologist Pelin Tan.

In this talk, Pelin Tan examines the significance of place and constancy in art, architecture, sociology, and pedagogy—and related alternative practices that take into consideration a persistent sense of displacement. 
Tan introduces her 'transversal method' on curatorial, spatial, academic, and artistic methodologies to ask: Is this transversal method possible? What are the problematics and possibilities?

In discussing her ongoing projects, Tan also shares her experience on refugee camps, knowledge production in conflict zones, alternative pedagogical structures, and her recent publications.


A conversation with AAA Public Programmes Curator Ingrid Chu and a Q&A session to follow. A light lunch will also be served.

Pelin Tan is a sociologist and art historian based in Turkey. She is a visiting Professor of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Associate Professor of Architecture at Mardin Artuklu University; and contributor to Silent University, a pedagogical platform for refugees and migrants. A past ACT Program Fellow, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tan is currently researching the Pearl River Delta as 'territorial sea'. Tan has participated in multiple biennials and triennials: Istanbul (2007, 2015); Lisbon (2013); Montréal (2014); Oslo (2016); and Venice (2016). She is an Artıkişler video collective member, co-directs the science fiction film series 2084 with Anton Vidokle, and publishes widely. Together with Joseph Grima, Tan is co-organiser of 'Institute of Threshold: Border Infrastructures' for the Cyprus Pavilion as part of the 15th Venice Architecture Biennial (2016).