Artists at the Exhibition Opening of Garage Show

Group photo of participating artists at the exhibition opening of 'Garage Show' in Yueyang Road Education Hall, Shanghai, 1991.

From left: Song Haidong, Zhang Peili, Sun Liang, Ni Haifeng, He Yang, Gong Jianqing, Hu Jianping, and Geng Jianyi.

Photo taken by Andreas Schmid during a research trip in preparation of 'China Avantgarde' exhibition.

在 《車庫藝術展》 開幕時的參展藝術家合照,攝於1991年上海岳陽路教育會堂

左起: 宋海冬、张培力、孫良、倪海峰、何暘、龚建慶、胡建平、耿建翌。

施岸笛在準備 《中國前衛藝術》 展期間到上海考察時攝。

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Artists at the Exhibition Opening of Garage Show, 藝術家在 《車庫藝術展》 展覽開幕