Artist statement for Bik Lai Chu:

'Bik Lai Chu is the language of the body on a post-colonial detour. It explores the female image, language and communication. It translates Hong Kong from her historical, social and political perspective. The video shows a woman banging her head against a dressing room table. She can be seen from both the front and back, as she is crouched beneath the table. Her head looks down, obscuring the visibility of her face. The sound of her head banging against the table is processed and amplified; audible through the stairway which is the only pathway which leads to the installation. As the audience approaches the installation by climbing up the stairs, they hear the monotonous and metallic sound of woman banging her head. First exhibited at the Hong Kong Fringe Club.'

Source: dye-a-di-a-logue with Ellen Pau, p.234


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