This archive presents the writing, curation, artwork, and art-initiatives by Geeta Kapur and Vivan Sundaram, which include documents of landmark curated exhibitions and installation-art projects, an exclusive documentation of the renowned Kasauli Art Centre, and seminal essays on India’s modern and contemporary art. The archive also includes documents around India's art scene since the 1960s that include exhibition catalogues, newspaper clippings, and other artists’ slides.

Geeta Kapur (b.1943) is among India’s most noted art critics and curators, and her work has been published and presented in anthologies and museums around the world. Vivan Sundaram (b.1943) is an artist and activist who is a pioneer of installation art in India, along with a sustained interest in collaborations and artist-run spaces. Kapur and Sundaram's archive thus encompasses multiple facets of the art field, from writing and curating to art-making and archiving.


104 Folders, 1720 Records