Gulammohammed Sheikh's Scrapbook — 1 (1961-1982)

Artist Gulammohammed Sheikh's scrapbook in which he pasted newspaper and magazine clippings that were published between 1961 and 1982.

The scrapbook has a total of 96 pages, 52 of which are captured in this digitised document and the remaining pages are blank.

The scrapbook, measuring 38.5cm x 38.5cm, contains articles and interviews on modern art of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Due to folded clippings and the fragile condition of this scrapbook, some of the pages have been cropped for better viewing while others could not be aligned properly during scanning.

List of articles in the sequence they appear in the scrapbook:
- 'Bold Originality of Baroda Artist: Dazzling Array of Exhibits', The Times of India, 1961
- 'Janmabhooomi', 1961
- 'V.R. Amberker', Kshitij, 1961
- 'National Exhibition of Art', The Statesman, 1962
- 'Paintings Show Power, Promise: Sheikh of Baroda', 1963
- 'An Indian Painter in London', Afro-Asian Echo, 1966
- 'Sheikh Shows Maturity in Paintings', The Times of India
- 'Student Artists' Show: the Baroda School of Art', Economic Times, 1969
- 'Cultural Roundabout, 1969 - The Free Press Bulletin, 1969
- 'Gulam Mohammed Sheikh', The Times of India, 1969
- 'Ancient Symbol in Sheikh', The Statesman, 1971
- 'Gulam Sheikh', Hindustan Times, 1971
- 'Unique Paintings Of Ghulam Sheikh', The Indian Express, 1971
- 'Paintings Instinct with Primal Poetry', The Times of India, 1971
- 'Sheikh's Universe', Link, 1971
- 'Dinmaan', 1971
- 'A Vintage View on Sensibility', The Statesman, 1971
- 'Grand Exhibition of Graphics & Drawings', The Times of India, 1971
- 'Brilliant Show of Graphics', The Times of India, 1971
- 'Group Eight's Silpi Chakra', Hindustan Times, 1971
- 'The War in Indochina', Newsweek, 1972
- 'Art for the Week', 1972
- 'Gieve Patel's Paintings Exude Power', The Free Press Bulletin, 1972
- 'Loose Link between 4 Baroda artists', The Indian Express, 1972
- 'Baroda Artists' Show', Economic Times, 1972
- 'Artist Rid of Many Illusions', The Statesman, 1973
- 'The Modern Art Scene in Gujarat', Indian Express, 1973
- 'The 'Rebel' Paintings', Economic Times, 1974
- Hindustan Times, 1974
- 'A Peep into the Art of 80s', Indian Express, 1974
- 'Significant Group Show', The Statesman, 1974
- 'Interesting Exhibition of Art by Group', The Times of India, 1974
- 'Apne Ghar Vaapsi' (Hindi), Dinmaan, 1974
- 'The Group 1974', Link, 1974
- 'Ek 'Badi' Kala Pradarshan', Pratipaksh, 1974 (Hindi)
- 'The 'Rebel' Painters', News India, 1974
- 'Baroda School Scores Again', Economic Times, 1974
- 'Graphics of Revolt', Hindustan Times, 1974
- 'Images of Contemporary Indian Art', The Times of India Annual, 1975
- 'Contemporary Indian Art: New Directions', The Sunday Statesman, 1975
- 'Baroda Workshop', Link, 1974
- 'Nayi Kala Veethi aur Chhey Chitrakaar' (Hindi), Dinmaan, 1975
- 'A New Gallery', Link, 1975
- Youth Times, 1977
- 'National Exhibition', Link, 1976
- 'Kya Khatre Daraane Lage Hain' (Hindi), Dinmaan, 1977
- 'Going Places with Artists to Badkhal Lake', Youth Times, 1976
- 'The Delhi Triennale', Youth Times, 1978
- 'The Question of Social Content: Four Artists', Lalit Kala Contemporary, 1977-1978
- India Today
- 'New Contemporaries', The Illustrated Weekly of India, 1978
- 'New Contemporaries', The Economic Times, 1978
- 'Navya Damachya Chitrakarache Saamoohik Pradarshan' (Marathi), Maharashtra Times, 1978
- 'Art for the Week', Evening News of India, 1978
- 'A Movable Feast', Free Press Bulletin, 1978
- 'I Think We Have Returned Home'
- The Times of India, 1978
- 'The Secular Image', Debonair, 1980
- 'Place for People: Vengeful Return of the Human Figure', The Daily, 1981
- 'Young Artists Catch Crest of the Tide', The Times of India, 1981
- 'A New Chapter in Contemporary Art', Evening News of India, 1981
- 'Place for people', Economic Times, 1981
- 'Pictures at an Exhibition: Notes on Six Modern Indian Painters', Express Magazine, 1981
- 'Six Painters Engaged in a Search', Debonair, 1981
- 'Place for People', The Sunday Observer, 1981
- 'A Return to People', The Statesman, 1981
- 'Accent on Man in Show by Group of Six', The Times of India, 1981
- 'Painters Involved with Life', Indian Express, 1981
- 'Chhey Kalakaar: Rachana aur Vichaar' (Hindi), Dinmaan, 1981
- 'Transition Point', India Today, 1981
- 'In Figurative-Narrative Tradition', Link, 1981
- 'Gulam Sheikh: Q&A', Sunday Herald, 1982
- 'About Waiting and Wandering', Keynote, 1982

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Gulammohammed Sheikh's Scrapbook — 1 (1961-1982)