This interview is part of Hong Kong Art History Research Project – Phase II, a collaboration between Asia Art Archive and Hong Kong Museum of Art. It was conducted at Wong Kum's studio on 29 July 2015.

Wong Kum (b. 1935, Guangdong, China)

Wong Kum started working as an apprentice in the advertising department of a cinema in Macau in 1947. Cinema billboards were a prominent visual element of urban Hong Kong in the 1960s–70s, and during Wong's career, he produced billboards for such theatres as Astor Theatre, Ocean Theatre, Liberty Theatre, Sun Sing Theatre, and Park Theatre. Wong also founded his own advertising company; his client base included corporations such as Hong Kong Shell Ltd from 1967–1995.

In this interview, Wong recalls his experiences as a student at the Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts in the 1950s, and his multiple practices—from making cinema billboards, to advertising, and painting watercolour portraits. He also discusses the interaction between Mainland China and individuals who were actively involved in political organisation.

Wong lives in Hong Kong.

Eliza Lai Mei-lin received her BA and MPhil in art history from the University of Hong Kong, and her PhD from the Art History and Theory Department of the University of Sydney. Before joining the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lai taught a range of courses on Western and Hong Kong art history at The Art School of the Hong Kong Arts Centre and the University of Hong Kong. Her current research interest is focused on Hong Kong art and contemporary Chinese art.

此訪談為香港藝術史研究 — 第二期的一部分。訪談於2015年7月29日在黃金工作室進行。






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Interview: Wong Kum, 黃金訪談