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Photographs of miscellaneous representative paintings from 1979 to 1995 in chronological order. Featured paintings include:

'Deep Feeling for the Lord,' c. 1978, by Zhang Hongnian.

'The Taking of the Presidential Palace,' c. 1978, by Chen Yifei.

'My Father,' c. 1980, by Luo Zhongli.

'The Man Who Knew How to Pick Horses,' by Wong Huaiqing.

An unnamed painting, c.1979, Feng Guodong. 

'Self Portrait,' c. 1990, by Yuan Yunsheng.

'Stars' by Mao Lizi

An unnamed painting, c. 1984, by Ai Xuan.

'Star Star' by Yan Li.

'Passionate Feeling,' c. 1986, by Jin Cheng.

'Divison,' c. 1986, by Wang Jianhua.

'Beautiful Raven,' c. 1988, by He Duoling.

'Cold Shower Room,' c. 1989, by Liu Xiaodong.

'Mirror,' c. 1990, by Wang Yuping.

'Great Criticism,' c. 1990, by Wang Gongyi.

'Blood Lines,' c. 1993, by Zhang Xiaogang.

'Old Cadres,' c. 1994, by Wei Rong.

'Let's Take a Picture Together,' c. 1995, by Yu Hong.

'Brushing Teeth,' c. 1995, by Shen Ling

The set also features a photograph of Fan Lijun with his painting 'Silent Scream.'


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Miscellaneous Representative Paintings (Set of 21 photographs)

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