Volume II contains interviews conducted by John Clark between 1983 and 1990 with artists or art practitioners born or working in Taiwan. All interviews were conducted in Mandarin.

The transcriptions available were funded by Australian Research Council via the Faculties Research Fund of the Australian National University in 1992.

List of interviewees, with categories designated by John Clark:

Art world figures

Xu Shitang and Huang Cailang

Chen Shiming
Chen Xingwan
Cheng Yanping
Guo Yulun
Lai Chunchun
Li Mingsheng and Wu Mali
Li Xiqi
Li Zhongsheng
Liu Qiwei 
Wu Hao
Wu Tianzhang 
Yang Maolin and Lu Yizhong
Yang Yingfeng
Zhuang Pu


32 Records


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