This archive covers a rich visual documentation of K.G. Subramanyan’s multi-fold artistic practice that includes paintings, outdoor murals, terracottas, and toys. It also includes over 150 of his seminal essay and lecture manuscripts, as well as his letters and correspondences with artists, writers, institutions, and government bodies.

K.G. Subramanyan (b.1924) was a renowned artist, writer, pedagogue, and institution builder. Having studied in Santiniketan in the 1940s, he moved to Baroda in 1951 and was instrumental in shaping the newly emerging Faculty of Fine Arts in Baroda along with his colleague artists Markand Bhatt, N.S. Bendre, and Sankho Chaudhury. Subramanyan was an influential teacher, having also taught Jyoti Bhatt, Ratan Parimoo, and Gulammohammed Sheikh.

This archive is part of The Baroda Archives.


41 Folders, 566 Records