Selected Award-Winning Works from National Youth Art Exhibition

Published in Sichuan Daily on February 1981, this short article features 10 selected award-winning works from 'The Second National Youth Art Exhibition'. Including Father by Luo Zhongli, and works by Zhou Chunya, Sun He, He Liping, Wang Chuan, Liu Zhumei, Xiao Jidong, Lu Jun, Wang Jianing, and Jian Chongzhi.

1981年2月刊登於《四川日報》有關第二屆全國青年美展獲獎作品的報道。 其中包括羅中立的〈父親〉,以及周春芽、孫鶴、何力平、王川、劉竹梅、肖繼東、盧軍、王嘉陵及簡崇志的作品。

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Quan Guo Qing Nian Mei Zhan Huo Jiang Zuo Pin Xuan Deng

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Sichuan Daily, 1981, Issue 4 February 1981

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news reportage

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Selected Award-Winning Works from National Youth Art Exhibition, 全國青年美展獲獎作品選登