This archive includes documents that reflect the artist’s own practice, as well as the avant-garde community in southwest China.

Mao Xuhui (b.1956) is an artist who currently lives in Kunming and teaches at Yunnan University. Mao, along with Zhang Xiaogang, Hou Wenyi, Zhang Long, Pan Dehai, and others, organised ‘New Concrete Image' (Shanghai, 1985), one of the first self-funded exhibitions in China. This exhibition was later shown in Nanjing, Kunming, and Chongqing, with the inclusion of additional works by young artists from the southwestern region. In 1986, Mao introduced the works of artists from the southwestern region at the 1986 Zhuhai Conference; and with Pan Dehai, Zhang Xiaogang, and Ye Yongqing formed the Southwestern Art Research Group. Works by Mao, Pan, Zhang, and Ye were shown at the ‘China/Avant-Garde Exhibition’ (Beijing, 1989).



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