Photographs of Om Swaha and the Anti-Dowry Demonstration taken in 1980. Protesting against police inaction after the dowry killing of a young woman named Jaswanti, the sit-in took place outside the Nangloi police station in New Delhi with the participation of hundreds of women and men that included the mother of Jaswanti, parents of dowry victims, women's organisations, activists and civilians. The demonstration included a performance of Om Swaha, anti police slogans, and slogans of women’s solidarity. It was also a moment that brought forth the sudden and unplanned sharing of a number of testimonies from protesters around domestic violence and dowry abuse. The performers of Om Swaha during the demonstration included Amrita Chhachhi, Bharti Chowdhury, Gouri Choudhury, Renuka Misra, Sharda Behn, Ayesha Heble, Maya Rao and Geeta Sehgal among others.


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