Illumination (Set of 2 Exhibition Views)

Photographs taking at 'Illumination,' a light show presented by the Liwayway Recapping Co., a group composed of Roberto Chabet, Ray Albano, and Boy Perez, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1970.

'Illumination' is 'an investigation on the effects of light, lighted materials, light moving in time. Items and equipment used include: projectors, spot lights, black lights, acetates, paper, mirrors, aluminum foil, painted tire interiors, fluorescent-painted objects, rubber, and a tape-recording system.

Recorded music includes: The Rolling Stones, Santana, Yes, Xenakis, Minaroglu, John Cage, and Varese, with added soundtrack of water leaks and flashbowls. An entrance fee of P0.50 was charged.

Two typhoons came and went, providing an unpleasant weather for the show. 'Illumination' lasted for only one week.'

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Illumination (Set of 2 Exhibition Views)

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