Photograph of the group exhibition 'White', curated by Ray Albano at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Small Gallery from 17 January - 6 February 1972.
Shown in the photo are Rodolfo Paras-Perez' Omega 8 (left) and Rodolfo Gan's hanging tracing paper (right).

Excerpt from the exhibition notes by Ray Albano:
'[The exhibition deals with the color pigment white in a locale that is more popularly known for its luscious sunsets, traditional festivities, tropical lushness, and blood-colored periodikits.'

The participating artists are Lee Aguinaldo, Ray Albano, Constancio Bernardo, Rodolfo Gan, Ofelia Gelvezon, Jose Joya, Arturo Luz, Johnny Manahan, Ben Maramag, Rodolofo Paras-Perez, Alan Rivera, Fernando Zobel, and Liwayway Recapping Co.

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