Icarus at Noon

Photograph of Roberto Chabet's Icarus at Noon, one of the works in the Guide to the Night and Noonday Skies (Day) installation. The work is part of the two simultaneous exhibitions at Finale and West Gallery in SM Megamall, Manila from 29 March - 10 April 2001.

Excerpt from the press release written by Chabet:

'Collectively titled Guide to the Night and Noonday Skies, the exhibitions consist of two multi-part installations of paintings intended as two contrasting panels of an extended diptych.

'Night' at Finale features Observatory 2001, 'a 7 x 15 ft. black painting with a neon-lit aluminum cane traversing the dark surface, which is flanked by two beeswaxed 7 x 4 ft. paintings, Orbit 2001, with three tiny horseshoe shaped magnets resting on a metal shelf and Planet 2001, with a deflated globe hanging from a string.' Also accompanying the paintings at Finale is a photograph of 'His Most Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco', standing on a piece of broken ice floating in the middle of Recherche Bay.

'Day' at West Gallery features Icarus at Noon, 'an equally large, pale blue painting with a white parachute dropping to the floor from a windowsill-like shelving. Accompanying it is a group of small blue paintings arranged to suggest windows and wall openings' - Horizon I & II and Sea/Sky.

'The exhibit explores minimalist monochromatic space and contemplates the random intrusion of commonplace objects in its vacuum.'

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Roberto CHABET


Roberto CHABET

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Plywood, acrylic, parachute


213cm x 488cm

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Icarus at Noon

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