The Guillotine Perspective

Photograph of Juan Alcazaren's The Guillotine Perspective, created in 2011.

The work was included in the exhibition 'I Miss the 20th Century' curated by Roberto Chabet, Ringo Bunoan and Nilo Ilarde at manila Contemporary from 20 August to 11 September 2011.

Excerpt from the exhibition notes:
'It has been said that modernity is an incomplete project but clearly, what this exhibition points out is that, however flawed, modernity is far from over. 'Modernity' is seen here not just as a distinct characteristic of the past two centuries wherein culture was transformed by technology; rather it is a moment in which we find ourselves. And to find oneself in this moment, two things are necessary: first, one must be clearly aware of one’s place within history and secondly, a parallel consciousness of one’s potential to intervene in it.'

Participating artists include Ronald Achacoso, Juan Alcazaren, Poklong Anading, Felix Bacolor Yason Banal Ringo Bunoan, Roberto Chabet, Lena Cobangbang, Lara De los Reyes, Nilo Ilarde, Jonathan Olazo, Jayson Oliveria, Bernardo Pacquing, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Yolanda Perez-Johnson, Juni Salvador, Soler Santos, Erik Sausa, and Gerardo Tan.

The exhibition is part of 'Roberto Chabet: Fifty Years,' a year-long series of exhibitions organised by King Kong Art Projects Unlimited in various venues in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Manila from 2011 - 2012.

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The Guillotine Perspective