Shop 6 Revisited: The Readymade Made and Unmade

Photograph of the exhibition 'Shop 6 Revisited: The Readymade Made and Unmade' curated by Ringo Bunoan at MO_Space from 4 June to 13 July 2011.

Excerpt from the exhibition notes:
''Shop 6 Revisited: The Readymade Made and Unmade' recalls a day in 1974, when 101 artists went to Shop 6, a small and temporary gallery in the Kamalig Arcade in Pasay City, bringing with them all sorts of readymade objects, scraps, by-products, and discards. Their exhibition echoed the early crisis in representation brought on by Marcel Duchamp nearly a hundred years ago, when he declared store-bought objects as pieces of art. By doing so, he exposed art as an autonomous institution, socially ineffective and completely removed from life. It is a “self-critique of art”, which seeks to reclaim art from the sphere of the bourgeois into the realm of the everyday.

The main questions raised by Shop 6 are contentious issues that still remain critical to this day. This year’s recreation of the 101 Artists exhibition in MO_Space is both a reminder and re-appraisal of these pressing concerns. Roberto Chabet and other Shop 6 artists will be joined by younger generations of artists in this exhibition.'

The exhibition is part of 'Roberto Chabet: Fifty Years,' a year-long series of exhibitions organised by King Kong Art Projects Unlimited in various venues in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Manila from 2011 - 2012.

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Shop 6 Revisited: The Readymade Made and Unmade

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