Medium-Lacquer . Size-Small — Exhibition Invitation

An invitation to the group exhibition ‘Medium-Lacquer . Size-Small’. Participating artists would make brush-strokes on the printed card, making each invitation unique.

The group exhibition ‘Medium-Lacquer . Size-Small’ was organised by Salon Natasha in May 1996. It was proposed by lacquer artist Bui Huu Hung, who was keen on experimenting with abstract arts in lacquer in the mid-1990s. His works were often of relatively small formats (approximately 10cm x 10cm or 12cm x 12cm). Le Hong Thai's abstract 'sketches' on small wooden panels were also the highlights in the exhibition; the artist in the early 1990s had been working at Bui Huu Hung’s studio regularly.
The exhibition also invited artists who had had minimal exposure to lacquer to experiment with the medium. Their works were subsequently presented at the show.

Participating artists of this exhibition include: Bui Huu Hung, Le Hong Thai, Eric Leroux, Tran Thieu Quang, Le Tuan Anh, Maritta Nurmi, Stephanie Ludet (a French artist who studied lacquer in Hanoi in 1994-1995), Vu Dan Tan, Chantal Roman Vals, and two lacquer artists from Hue city, Luong Thi Anh Tuyet and Nguyen Duc Huy.

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Medium-Lacquer . Size-Small — Exhibition Invitation