Ulysses on the Road

A painting by Eric Leroux presented at his solo exhibition in Salon Natasha in December 1996.

Eric Leroux was a French teacher and a self-taught artist. He had been working at the French Cultural Centre (Alliance Francaise) in Hanoi from 1992 to 1998. Being a knowledgeable, creative, and sociable person, he had significant influence on artists in Hanoi who in the early 1990s still had limited access to information on contemporary art outside Vietnam. Leroux introduced to many artists the idea of a 'collaborative form of art'. He also shared his insights in regards to organising exhibitions and art performances. During his stay in Hanoi he remained close ties with Salon Natasha, facilitating the management of the art space.

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Gouache and ink on Chinese rice paper

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Ulysses on the Road