This substantial, illustrated catalogue offers a survey of Korean contemporary art, featuring 100 artists including Lee Yongbaek, Lee Sookyung and Jeong Yeondoo. Includes scholarly essays by Sumi Kang and Jonggil Gum. The artists' biographies and contact information is provided. Also provided is a glossary of keywords which introduces terms specific to Korean art, such as Minjung Art, UUL (the new branch of the National Museum of Contemporary Art to open in 2013), and KIAF (Korea International Art Fair).

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AHN Doojin, 안두진

AHN Jungju, 안정주

AHN Kanghyun, 안강현

BACK Seungwoo, 백승우

BAE Jongheon, 배종헌

BAE Youngwhan, 배영환

CHANG Jia, 장지아

CHE Onejoon, 최원준

CHOE Uram, 최우람

CHOI Dusu, 최두수

CHOI Xooang, 최수앙

CHUN Kyungwoo, 천경우

CHUN Sungmyung, 천성명

CHUNG Seoyoung, 정서영

flyingCity, 플라잉시티

Gimhongsok, 김홍석

GWON Osang, 권오상

HA Taebum, 하태범

HAM Kyungah, 함경아

HAM Yangah, 함양아

HAM Younjoo, 함연주

HAN Sungpil, 한성필

HONG Jackson, 홍잭슨

HONG Kyoungtack, 홍경택

HONG Youngin, 홍영인

JEON Joonho, 전준호

JEONG Jeongju, 정정주

JEONG Zikseong, 정직성

JEOUNG Jaechoul, 정재철

JO Donghwan, 조동환

JO Haejun, 조해준

JoSeub, 조습

Jaeho JUNG, b. 1971, 정재호

JUNG Sanghyun, 정상현

JUNG Seung, 정승

JUNG Yeondoo, 정연두

KANG Youngmin, 강영민

KHO Nakbeom, 고낙범

KIM Changkyum, 김창겸

KIM Inbai, 김인배

KIM Jiwon, 김지원

KIM Jongku, 김종구

KIM Joohyun, 김주현

KIM Kichul, 김기철

KIM Nayoung, 김나영

KIM Sangdon, 김상돈

KIM Sanggil, 김상길

KIM Seungyoung, 김승영

KIM Shinil, 김신일

KIM Sunny, 킴써니

KIM Wolsik, 김월식

Kira KIM, 김기라

KONG Sunghun, 孔成勲

KOO Donghee, 구동희

KWON Kibeom, 권기범

KWON Kyunghwan, 권경환

LEE Beikyoung, 이배경

LEE Dongwook, 이동욱

LEE Hyungkoo, 이형구

LEE Moonjoo, 이문주

LEE Myoungho, 이명호

LEE Wan, 이완

LEE Yongbaek, 이용백

Mioon, 뮌

mixrice, 믹스라이스

MOON Kyungwon, 문경원

MOON Sungsic, 문성식

NA Hyun, 나현

NAM Hwayeon, 남화연

NOH Suntag, 노순택

OH Heinkuhn, 오형근

OH Inhwan, 오인환

OH Yongseok (b. 1976), 오용석

PARK Hyunggeun, 박형근

PARK Jina, 박진아

PARK Junebum, 박준범

PARK Kiwon, 박기원

PARK Soyoung, 박소영

PARK Wonjoo, 박원주

PARK Yoonyoung, 박윤영

PARK Yuna, 박은하

ROH Choonghyun, 노충현

Ryubiho, 유비호

SEO Jinnie, 서지니

SHIN Meekyoung, 신미경

SHON Jeungeun, 손정은

SON Donghyun, 손동현

SONG Myungjin, 송명진

SONG Pill, 송필

SONG Sanghee, 송상희

SUNG Nakhee, 성낙희


YEE Sookyung, 이수경

YI Hwankwon, 이환권

YIM Jahyuk, 임자혁

YOO Geuntaek, 유근택

YOO Hyunmi, 유현미

YOO Seungho, 유승호

YOO Youngho, 유영호

ZIN Kijong, 진기종

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Reading the Trends and Post-Trends of Korean Contemporary Art - KHO Chunghwan, 고충환
The Aesthetics of Countercurrent and Dynamism: The Internal-External Trajectory of Korean Contemporary Art - KANG Sumi, 강수미
A Chronological View of Korean Contemporary Art, 1987-2010 - GIM Jonggil, 김종길 Korean Contemporary Art Scene
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