This catalogue was published in conjunction with the 2011
(15th) Japan Media Arts Festival. It showcases a list of award-winning works in various categories. The catalogue includes images of works by award-winning artists along with comments by judges and artist biographies. Only artists from Asia are listed below. 
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Everything Becomes Media Arts Today 2011 as Turning Point

- Kenjiro OKAZAKI, 岡崎乾二郎

A Social Theory Born of Loss

- Yukie KAMIYA, 神谷幸江

Post 3.11 Art That Questions the Essence of All Things

- Shigeo GOTO, 後藤繁雄

Advances in Technology Open New Worlds

- Atsuhito SEKIGUCHI, 関口敦仁

Depth of Meaning of Expression over Dependence on Technology

- Kenya HARA, 原研哉

Neither Controlling nor a Salon, a Forum for Free Expression

- Koshi UCHIYAMA, 内山光司

Entertainment as Designer of Shared Experience

- ITO Gabin, 伊藤ガビン

The Time Will Come When We No Longer Call Them 'Games'

- IWATANI Toru, 岩谷徹

The Constant, Persistent Challenge of Expression

- Yutaka SAITO, 斉藤由多加

A New Experience of the Live and the Shared

- TERAI Hironori, 寺井弘典

To Create Works of Animation that Draw in the World

- Taku FURUKAWA, 古川タク

Becoming an Art Festival That Nurtures Talent and Sends It Out to the World

- Yuichi ITO, 伊藤有壱

Among Perfect Copies, Strong Stories Stand Out

- Mamoru OSHII, 押井守

An Annual Evolution of Expressive Techniques

- SUGII Gisaburo, 杉井ギサブロー

Anime That Generates the Power to Surpass Reality

- HIKAWA Ryusuke, 氷川竜介

The Latest in Manga and the Future of the Ever-Changing Japan Media Arts Festival

- SAITO Chiho, さいとうちほ

Expressions that Transcend Boundaries with Other Fields

- Keiko TAKEMIYA, 竹宮恵子

A Collection of Works That Invites Reflection on Humanity's Direction

- HOSOGAYA Atsushi, 細萱敦

The Difficulty of Choosing from among Works of Uniformly High Quality

- Taro MINAMOTO, みなもと太郎

A Diverse Collection of Work and High Hopes for Those from Overseas

- Tomohiko MURAKAMI, 村上知彥

15th Japan Media Arts Festival Award-Winning Works
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15th Japan Media Arts Festival Award-Winning Works, 平成23年度[第15回]文化庁メディア芸術祭受賞作品集