The Taipei Biennial was initiated in 1992, from the joining of three exhibitions: Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition in the R.O.C., Contemporary Art Trends in R.O.C., and Modern Arts New Prospects Exhibition. The 1996 Biennial was the last that included only local artists. Following the main theme, The Quest For Identity, the show was divided into six thematic categories, by six coordinators and curators. Genealogy & Archives dealt with the prehistoric period of Taiwan. Experiencing Taipei attempted to broaden the opportunities for art encounters in daily life for the public. Also four sub-topics of contemporary issues were explored: Identity & Memories, Our Environment & City Life, Sexuality & Power and Visual Dialogue. The present publication is a collection of essays published on the occasion of the Biennial.

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1996 Taipei Biennial : The Quest For Identity
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1996 Taipei Biennial : The Quest For Identity, 1996 雙年展 : 台灣藝術主體性