The exhibition program for the Second Moscow Biennale comprise several main exhibitions, more than 25 special projects and many shows featuring special guests. The present catalogue was published in conjunction with one of the special projects entitled We Are Your Future, featuring contemporary art from China and Latin America. Jonathan Goodman wrote, 'The historically marginalized areas of China and Latin America are now providing us with a new crop of artists who are poised to enter the art world's mainstream. These artists, inheritors of a legacy pushed to the side by the Eurocentric, imperialist attitudes of Western Europe and the United States, are now ready to make their own mark in the economics, politics, and culture of today. Our exhibition will give exposure to the voices of a varied group of artists, both emerging and mid-career, who stand at the crossroads of major shifts in attitudes toward previously neglected areas of culture. Aided by a newly inherited sense of social liberty, these artists investigate and comment on the shift away from Western bias in art and art production, seeking all the while to reexamine their own cultural capital. The work we exhibit stands a strong visual and cultural evidence of their undeniable presence as permanent participants in the globalized landscape of the new art world.'

Artist biographies and artist interviews are provided in this catalogue.

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'We Are Your Future' in Moscow


'We Are Your Future': Special Project for the Moscow Biennale 2007

- Jonathan GOODMAN

On Ataque et Puis On le Verra: Tactical Notes on Latin American Art and Its (in)Visibility

- Fernando Castro FLOREZ

2 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2007 -- Special Project: We Are Your Future
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2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2007 -- Special Project: We Are Your Future