This catalogue was published on the occasion of the 4th International Istanbul Biennial 1995 held from November to December, which expressed recent tendencies in the Turkish and international art scene by presenting both established and emerging artists. It aimed to initiate an international dialogue between the artists, from the so-called East, West, North and South, whose perspectives go beyond the center-periphery model and national discourse. The leitmotif of the exhibition, 'Orient/ation', proposes multi-layered meanings according to the place, language and identity of the viewer. Direction is implied in the origin of the word 'orientation' in Turkish, which suggests that the only way of relating to a place is by orienting oneself.

Images of works accompanied by descriptions. Biographies and list of exhibited works provided.

Note: Only participating artists of Asian heritage (or those born in Asia) are listed below.
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The Vision of Art in a Paradoxical World

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Ali'ce Now/here - Fulya ERDEMCI

'Is it possible to create works that aren't art?' - René BLOCK


Touring Istanbul - Sulan KOLATAN

The Purity of St. Irene - Erdem YUCEL

Sunken Palace

To Collect or To Be Collected - Boris GROYS

Art and the Discourse of Nations: Reflections on Biennial of Nations - Arthur C. DANTO

New/Old ORIENT/OCCIDENT/ation in the New World DISorder - Apinan POSHYANANDA, อภินันท์ โปษยานนท์

Language and Place - Ahmet SOYSAL

There is Another Third World (Against Primitivism) - Zvi GOLDSTEIN

4th International Istanbul Biennial: Orientation (Biennial 4)
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4th International Istanbul Biennial: Orientation (Biennial 4)