'Originally written in Chinese, this book traces the art, personalities, events and organisations in the multi-cultural art history of Malaya (Singapore and Malaysia) from the time of its early settlers to the time the book was first published in 1963.
This is an important document that describes the influences, milieu and conditions of this early period, and provides a comprehensive framework to understand them. With 150 new illustrations and notes by the translator, the translated edition provides an overall perspective of the various factors that had given shape to the art scene in present-day Singapore and Malaysia.' — from the back cover

Translated with notes, glossary of names and index by Lai Chee Kien. With forewords by T. K. Sabapathy, Lien Shi-Sheng and Zhen Tieh Chen.

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Chapter headings
The Discovery of Prehistoric Art
The Traditional Life and Arts of Indigenous Peoples
Early Indian and Chinese Influences
The Spread of Islam / Malay Crafts
The Transmission of Western Cultures
Development During the Period of British Rule
Music, Dance and Drama
Architecture and Sculpture
The Heritage and Nurturing of Painting
Understanding Local Colour
Vibrant Young Artists (A)
Vibrant Young Artists (B)
Vibrant Young Artists (C)
The Emergence of Post-War Indigenous Sculptors
Art Groups and Their Development
Art Schools and Galleries
From Desert to Oasis
A Brief History of Malayan Art
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A Brief History of Malayan Art

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