'A History of Video Art is a revised and expanded edition of the 2006 original, which extends the scope of the first edition, incorporating a wider range of artists and works from across the globe and explores and examines developments in the genre of artists’ video from the mid 1990s up to the present day. In addition, the new edition expands and updates the discussion of theoretical concepts and ideas which underpin contemporary artists’ video. 

Tracking the changing forms of video art in relation to the revolution in electronic and digital imaging that has taken place during the last 50 years, A History of Video Art orients video art in the wider art historical context, with particular reference to the shift from the structuralism of the late 1960s and early 1970s to the post-modernist concerns of the 1980s and early 1990s. The new edition also explores the implications of the internationalisation of artists’ video in the period leading up to the new millennium and its concerns and preoccupations including post-colonialism, the post-medium condition and the impact and influence of the internet.' - from back cover

Reference section includes glossary of technical terms, notes, bibliography and index.
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Part I. The Origins of Video Art: The Historical and Cultural Context
1. In The Beginning: The Origins of Video Art
2. Crossing Boundaries: International Tendencies and Influences in Early Artists’ Video
3. Technology, Access and Context: Social and Political Activists and Their Role in the Development of Video Art
4. Expanded Cinema: The Influence and Relationship of Experimental, Avant-Garde and 'Underground' Film to Artists' Video
5. Musique Concrète, Fluxus and Tape Loops: The Influence and Impact of Sound Recording and Experimental Music on Video Art
6. Theory and Practice: The Impact of Theoretical Ideas on Early Technology-Based Practice in the 1970s and Some Significant and Influential Figures in the Development of Theoretical Discourse and Their Impact on Contemporary Art after Modernism
7. Beyond the Lens: Abstract Video Imagery and Image Processing
Part II. A Discussion of Some Representative and Influential Video Artworks Set in Relation to Their Technical and Critical Context
8. In and Out of the Studio: The Advent of Inexpensive Non-Broadcast Video
9. Cutting It: Accessible Video Editing
10. Mixing It: Electronic/Digital Image Manipulation
11. The Gallery Opens Its Doors: Video Installation and Projection
12. The Ubiquity of the Video Image: Artists' Video as an International Phenomenon
Part III. The Development of Artists’ Video and Video Installation in Response to Technological Change and Accessibility
13. Fields, Lines & Frames: Video as an Electronic Medium
14. The Means of Production: Feminism and 'Otherness' — Race, Gender, Technology and Access
15. Off the Wall: Video Sculpture and Installation
16. Going Digital: The Emergence of Digital Video Editing, Processing and Effects
17. Video Art in the New Millennium: New Developments in Artists' Video since 2000
Part IV. References
A History of Video Art
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A History of Video Art