'Expanded from a touring exhibition originated at Para Site in 2013, this book critically analyses historical and contemporary imaginations and politics of fear in the face of disease and the specter of contamination in society and culture. Scholars, artists, novelists, and journalists depart from Hong Kong’s history of epidemic—the most recent being the SARS outbreak of 2003, shortly followed by the tragic death of pan-Asian pop icon Leslie Cheung, and tackle the galvanising power and the varied perceptions of contagion in the context of lingering histories, myths, anxieties, and memories across geographies. While composing a complex picture of the Hong Kong psyche, these contributions speak from a humanistic and global perspective, pointing to the intersections of urban environments and post-colonial psychology, popular culture and racism, public health and migration, national identity and art.' - from back cover

Includes biographies of contributors and a checklist of works in the touring exhibition.

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The Curse of Tai Ping Shan/Possession Street - DUNG Kaicheung, 董啟章
Angel Island - WENG Xiaoyu, 翁笑雨
City of the Queen: A Novel of Colonial Hong Kong - Shuching SHIH, 施叔青
'Being Observations or Memorials, of the Most Remarkable Occurrences, as well Public as Private, which Happened in Hong Kong during the Great Visitation in 2003' - Fionnuala McHUGH
SARS@Hong Kong: A Brief Pathology of a Cinema of Disease - Michael BERRY
Remapping China: Ai Weiwei's 'Baby Formula' - Border Anxiety and Internal Fear in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan - HSU Minghang, 徐明瀚
A Conversation on Being Artists and Having Fear - PAK Sheung Chuen Tozer, 白雙全, Lawrence PUN, 潘國靈
Queering Body and Sexuality: Leslie Cheung's Gender Representation in Hong Kong Popular Culture - Natalia CHAN
Bodies beyond the Plague: Five Performances
A Journal of the Plague Year
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A Journal of the Plague Year

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Lam Qua, Portrait no 48, Oil on Canvas. Image courtesy of Yale University, Harvey Cushing / John Hay
After the Plague

After the Plague

Phoebe Wong considers an exhibition's haunting imagery after the traumas of SARS and Leslie Cheung's suicide