This publication is produced as a catalogue of the touring group exhibition held at Arko Art Center, Seoul, from August to November 2014. 

Originally curated by and held at Para Site, Hong Kong, 'A Journal of the Plague Year' takes as its point of departure two significant events that occurred in Hong Kong in 2003: the outbreak of the highly dangerous epidemic SARS, and the sudden death of Hong Kong pop icon Leslie Cheung. The exhibition sets out to bring to the fore a critical discussion about recent history, the implications of which extend beyond Hong Kong and the realm of medicine. Central to the narratives explored is the fear of contamination, both physiological and cultural. Projects developed by artists from various cultural backgrounds and generations, shown together with historical artifacts and pop culture ephemera, take on this theme as well as other related issues, such as the heightened tension between mainland China and Hong Kong, Leslie Cheung as a pan-Asian icon and the aftermath of his death, the dehumanization the body of the other, and the anxiety held within societies in Asia amid political changes and in facing their own projections and prejudices.

While it remains strongly connected to events affecting Hong Kong, 'A Journal of the Plague Year' has been expanded for its presentation at the Arko Art Center to reflect aspects of Korean history and society as well as the relationships amongst Asian nations by the inclusion of works that look into small islands which have become sites of conflicts in recent years.

Includes artists' biographies and installation views.

Please note that only Asian artists are indexed.
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A Journal of the Plague Year: Continental Fear. Islands, Ghosts, Rebels - Cosmin COSTINAS, 康喆明, Inti GUERRERO, 格瑞洛殷迪
Fears in Asia and the Discourse of a Society of Immunity - KIM Hyunjin, b. 1975, 김현진
A Chinaman's Chance - James T. HONG, 洪子健
Imaginary Plague as Metaphor: Debris of Colonial Unconsciousness and the Invisible Touch of Empires - LEE Yongwoo, 이용우
A Journal of the Plague Year: Continental Fear, Islands, Ghosts, Rebels
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A Journal of the Plague Year: Continental Fear, Islands, Ghosts, Rebels, 2014 아르코미술관 국제교류전 역병의 해 일지

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