This is an unpublished thesis by Yo Siewkah submitted for the degree of Master of Arts, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2010. The thesis is on the works of Singaporean artist Liu Kang. While Liu is often considered a national artist who created a unique art with proto-nationalist significance, the author criticises that such assessment does not take into account seriously the artist's formative years in Shanghai and Paris where he was primarily concerned with modernising Chinese art. The author argues that the desire to create modern Chinese art remained with Liu for the rest of his career, and his art should be considered a modernised Chinese literati painting with an augmented visual language that includes the landscape and people of Malaya.
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A Chinese Artist in Singapore: Existing Literature on Liu Kang
Formulating the Modernised Chinese Literati Painting: Liu Kang's Works from 1930s to Early 1950s
Expanding the Modernised Chinese Literati Painting: Liu Kang's Works in the 1950s
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A Modernised Chinese Literati Painting: Liu Kang's Works, 1930-1960

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