As part of Para Site's ongoing 'Hong Kong's Migrant Domestic Workers Project', a long-term initiative aimed at engaging the domestic worker community through collaboratively organised public programmes and commissioned artist research, this publication is an anthology of migrant and domestic worker literature - a volume about and by migrant workers. It contains short stories, poems, and excerpts from novels and plays, written by classical literary figures of the region, established contemporary authors, as well as domestic workers themselves. 

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Gong yu | Babasahin Matapos ang Trabaho | Bacaan Selepas Kerja

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Letter from America | 來自美國的信

America is in the Heart, Chapter 23 | 美國在心中 第二十三章

America is in the Heart, Chapter 24 | 美國在心中 第二十四章

Quiet Library on the Edge of Victoria Park | 維多利亞那公園邊的安靜圖書館

Light for My Pen | 筆絨之經

Instinct that Give Foundation for Creations | 作為創作底蘊的直覺

A Screw Fell to the Ground | 一顆螺絲掉在地上

I Swallowed A Moon Made of Iron | 我嚥下一枚鐵做的月亮

I Fell Asleep, Just Standing Like That | 我就那樣站著入睡


A Kind of Prophecy | 讖言一種

The Sleeping Amah | 熟睡的阿嬤

Letters of the Filipina from Singapore | 來自菲律賓女子的一封信 - 從新加坡

Letters of the Filipina from Japan |來自菲律賓女子的一封信 - 從日本

Conflict | 衝突

Letters of the Filipina from Brunei | 來自菲律賓女子的一封信 - 從汶萊

The Last Graveyard | 最後的墓地

My Life's Journey is Still Far from Complete | 我最後的路還遠遠沒有走完

Violet Testimony | 紫色證言

On My Deathbed | 我彌留之際

Upon Hearing the News of Xu Lizhi's Suicide | 驚聞九零後工人青工詩人許立志墜樓有感

I Have to Go Home this Lebaran | 今年開齋節我得回家

Balikbayan Box | 返鄉包裹

The Greenhouse Show | 溫室秀

City of the Queen, Chapter 1 | 她名叫蝴蝶 第一章節選

Letters of the Filipina from Hong Kong | 來自菲律賓女子的一封信 - 從香港

Rented Room | 出租屋

A Cup of Chicken's Feet Soup | 一碗雞爪湯

Kitchen Curse | 廚房魔咒

The Tragedy of the Soy Sauce Finger | 豉油手指的悲劇

Layout | 佈局

A Dog Died in Bala Murghab | 一隻在Bala Murghab死去的狗

Xezok ker lubigjob kurlesko

Scent of Apples | 蘋果的香氣

Sleeping Partner | 同床伴侶

The Lament of Apolinaria | Apolinaria的哀歌

Paper Dolls | 紙娃娃節選

God, I've Come Home | 神啊! 我回家了

Letters of the Filipina from Kuwait | 來自菲律賓女子的一封信 - 從科威特

Letters of the Filipina from Australia | 來自菲律賓女子的一封信 - 從澳州

Mother Sparrow's Advice | 麻雀母親的勸告

Afterwork Readings
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