Exhibition catalogue of joint exhibition of paintings by Shan Fan and Chua Ek Kay. 'Chua Ek Kay is an artist of Chinese origin living in Singapore. He uses the traditional Chinese Brush Painting as a platform to emphasize the ideology of 'To be or not to be' between realist and abstract established in Chinese Paintings. Shan Fan is a Chinese artist of German nationality currently living in Germany. He has been influenced by Chinese traditional culture since he was young. Being an 'Uncertainist', advocate of a cardinal ideology from the post-modern era, he has always attempted to uncover a frontier of formless expression between realism and abstraction.'

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Timeless Spaces - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
An Exhibition of Paintings By Shan Fan & Chua Ek Kay
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An Exhibition of Paintings By Shan Fan & Chua Ek Kay