In recent decades, contemporary art in Asia and the Pacific has acted as a dramatic reflection of the social and political events taking place in the region. The present publication explores the relationship between art and social change in terms of globalization, geopolitical influences and regional cultural policy.

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Chapter headings
Art and Social Change - Caroline TURNER
Geopolitical Changes in Asia and the Pacific - Glen St. J. BARCLAY
Art in a Globalised State - Jennifer WEBB
A Changing World Order
Dismantled Norms: Apropos other avantgardes - Geeta KAPUR
The Spectre of Being Human - Charles MEREWETHER
Regional Perspectives
South Asia
A Stake in Modernity: A brief history of modern Indian art - Geeta KAPUR
Tracing the Image: Contemporary art in Pakistan - Salima HASHMI
Contemporary Art in Sri Lanka - Jagath WEERASINGHE
South-East Asia
Indonesia: Art, Freedom, human rights and engagement with the West - Caroline TURNER
Art and Politics in Indonesia - Jim SUPANGKAT
Different Visions: Contemporary Malaysian art and exhibition in the 1990s and beyond - Michelle ANTOINETTE
Brief Survey of Philippine Art - Alice G. GUILLERMO
Singapore: A case study - Caroline TURNER, Glen St. J. BARCLAY
Developments in Contemporary Thai Art - Somporn RODBOON
The Extended Matrix: New dimensions in thai printmaking - Anne KIRKER
Vietnamese Fine Art Finds Itself in Respect of Aesthetics - DANG Thi Khue
East Asia
Chinese Art - XU Hong, 徐虹
Taiwan: A location of construction and synthesis - LEE Yulin, 李玉玲
The Enigma of Japanese Contemporary Art - Caroline TURNER
Korean Contemporary Art Opens Towards Polyphonic Voices as Cultural Criticism - AHN Soyeon, 안소연
Australia and the Pacific
Art in Movement Across the Pacific - Susan COCHRANE
Australian Art: Examining its past, re-imagining its future (a partial itinerary, 1970-2000) - Bernice MURPHY
The Politics of Visibility: How Indigenous Australian art found its way into art galleries - Margo NEALE
He Kahui Whetu Hou
Contemporary Maori Artists: A new constellation - Jonathan MANE-WHEOKI
A New Tide Turning: Australia in the region, 1993-2003 - Pat HOFFIE
Choppy Waters: Arts infrastructure and networks in Asia - Alison CARROLL
Distinctive Voices: Artist-initiated spaces and projects - Christine CLARK
Challenges for a New Millennium
Krishna's Dilemma: Art museums in human development - Amareswar GALLA
Art and Social Change: Contemporary Art in Asia and the Pacific
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Art and Social Change: Contemporary Art in Asia and the Pacific

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