2009 marks a new era for Hong Kong’s senior secondary school curriculum as the new three-year senior secondary and four-year undergraduate academic system is implemented. The new visual arts curriculum emphasizes art appreciation, art criticism and art making. In response, AAA has launched a series of teacher’s development workshops to empower teachers in understanding, appreciating and engaging in contemporary art.

This two-disc set features 'About Looking 1', the first talk of the series, held from 11-12 August 2009. Speakers Oscar Ho and Lee Weng Choy introduced various approaches for looking at and discussing contemporary art with students. Topics also included writing about art and criticism.

Conducted in Cantonese and English.

Video by AAA.

Note: The Powerpoint presentation given during the workshop is available at CD.001121.
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教師發展工作坊 | Teacher Development Workshop | yi shu ping shang jiang zuo xi lie: dang dai yi shu — jiao xue xie zuo ji ping shang

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Art Appreciation and Criticism Talk Series: Methodology for Looking at Contemporary Art
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Art Appreciation and Criticism Talk Series: Methodology for Looking at Contemporary Art, 藝術評賞講座系列: 當代藝術 — 教學、寫作及評賞

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Teacher Development Workshop 2009

Teacher Development Workshop 2009

Tue, 11 Aug – Fri, 20 Nov 2009