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Shanghai Star: Li Shan: Yu Youhan and Fan Dongwang - Russell STORER

Facts of Life: Contemporary Japanese art - Sachiko NAMBA, 難波祐子

Wenda Gu: Two exhibitions in Australia - Melanie EASTBURN

Living in Time: Contemporary artist from China - Louise GARRET

Shiseido: Art gallery and cultural activities - Yumi TAKAISHI

Promenade in Asia: A collaborative exhibition - Takashi SHINKAWA, 新川貴詩

2001 Yokohama Triennale - Rachel KENT

Maria ruz: Songlines - Eve SULLIVAN

The Singular Pluralities of Do-ho Suh - Joan KEE, 奇廷泫

Distinctions: Paintings by Vincent Leow and Ian Woo - LEE Wengchoy, 李永財

Takashi Muakami - Edan CORKILL

Wang Jianwei: Material for thinking - Johan PIJNAPPEL

The Idea of India: West African Vodun art and thought - Dana RUSH

Gallery Profile: Thavibu Gallery; Bangkok; Numthong Gallery; Bangkok - Thomas BRECELIC

People and Places: L.A. International Biennial - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY

Art Market: ARTSingapore 2001 - Thomas BRECELIC

Review: (Australia) Andrew Lo - Susan STEGGALL

Review: (United States) Theresa Chong - Jonathan GOODMAN

Review: (Thailand) Chatchai Puipia - Brian MERTENS

Review: (Australia) Buddhism - Traudi ALLEN

Review: (Australia) Cape York Art Award - Courtney KIDD

Review: (United States) From goddess to pin-up - Gae SAVANNAH

Review: (Indonesia) I Wayan Sudarna Putra - Brian MERTENS

Review: (Australia) Awakening - AHN Eunyoung, 안은영

Review: (Australia) In correct syntax - Pamela ZEPLIN

Review: (New Zealand) Toyo Ito - Sarah TREADWELL

Review: (Australia) Fiona Foley - Stuart KOOP

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ART AsiaPacific (No. 34; Apr/May/Jun 2002)