The Archive holds the following issues of Art in America:

1993: Jul, Nov

1994: Jan, Feb, Mar

1995: Mar

1996: Apr, May

1997: Feb, Mar, May, Dec

1998: Apr, Sep, Dec

1999: Feb, Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct

2000: Mar, May, Jun, Sep, Nov

2001: Feb, Jun, Sep, Oct

2002: Mar, May, Nov

2003: Apr, May, Jul, Sep, Dec

2004: May, Jun/Jul(2 copies), Sep, Oct, Nov

2005: Feb, May, Sep, Dec

2006: Jan, Feb, Mar, May, Sep

2007: Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Jun/Jul, Sep, Nov

2008: Jan, Apr, Jun/Jul, Oct

2009: Jun/Jul, Sep, Nov

2010: Feb, May, Sep, Nov

2011: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov

2012: Jan, Apr, May, Jun/Jul, Oct, Nov, Dec

2013: Jan

Note: The magazine currently publishes 11 issues a year.

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