Art+ Magazine (formerly Contemporary Art Philippines) is a bi-monthly, full-colour, glossy magazine that tracks the past, present and future landscape of Philippine art for a local and international audience. With a network of contributors both in the Philippines and abroad, the magazine also seeks to bring key developments in the foreign art scene to a local readership.

The Archive holds the following issues:

Contemporary Art Philippines

2008: Sep/Oct(Premiere Issue), Nov/Dec(no.1)

2009: Jan/Feb(no.2), Mar/Apr(no.3), Sep/Oct(no.6), Nov/Dec(no.7)

2010: Jan/Feb(no.8), Mar/Apr(no.9), May/Jun(no.10, 2 copies), Jul/Aug(no.11), Nov/Dec(no.13)

2011: Jan/Feb(no.14), May/Jun(no.16, 2 copies), Manilart 11 Commemorative Issue(no.17), The Illustration Issue(no.21)

2012: The Photography Issue(no.22), Manilart 12 Commemorative Issue (no.23), Carlos "Botong" Francisco Centennial Issue (no.24) 

Art+ Magazine

2014: Sculpture and Installation(no.30), The Auction Issue(no.31), Joe Datuin(no.32), Art Basel Hong Kong(no.33), Marcel Antonio(no.34), Carlo Magno(no.35)

2015: Rom Villaseran(no.36), Abdulmari Imao(no.37), Anita Magsaysay-Ho(no.38), Bencab(no.39), Romulo Olazo(no.40), Edwin Wilwayco(no.41), Juanito Torres(no.42)

The magazine is published bi-monthly.

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