This little book introduces the reader to twelve of Tokyo's galleries and museums which Ashley Rawlings and Craig Mod found the most inspiring. For each art space, general information, a location map, interviews and/or article are provided. Through introducing readers to art spaces both new and old, well-known and not, a cross-section of the Tokyo art world comes to light.

This is the second edition of the book. Glossary, list of further resources and a brief chronology of events in the Tokyo art world from 1950 to 2010 are provided in the appendixes.
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Hara Museum of Contemporary Art
Toshio Hara & Yoko Uchida, Hara Museum
Changes in Tokyo's Contemporary Art Scene since the 1990s - Fumihiko SUMITOMO, 住友文彥
Gallery Koyanagi
Atsuko Koyanagi, Gallery Koyanagi
Ryutaro Takahashi, Takahashi Collection
Nakaochiai Gallery
Julia Barnes & Clint Taniguchi, Nakaochiai Gallery
Paul Baron, Kosuke Fujitaka & Oliver Thereaux, Tokyo Art Beat
The State of Art Journalism & Criticism in Tokyo - Tetsuya OZAKI, 小崎哲哉
Watari Museum of Contemporary Art
Etsuko Watari, Watari Museum
Under the Influence: The Syntax of Tokyo Graffiti - Ian LYNAM
GA Gallery
Yoshio Futagawa, GA Gallery
A Huge, Ever-Growing, Pulsating Brain that Rules from the Empty Center of a City Called Tokyo - Roger McDONALD
21_21 Design Sight
Noriko Kawakami, 21_21 Design Sight
Fumio Nanjo, Mori Art Museum
SCAI The Bathhouse
Maasami Shiraishi, SCAI The Bathhouse
Misa Shin, Art Fair Tokyo
Agatha Wara, Antonin Gaultier, Julia Barnes & Kosuke Fujitaka - 101Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair
Tokyo Gallery + BTAP
Hozu Yamamoto, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP
Yukihito Tabata, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP
Gallery ÉF
Mahiro, Gallery éf
Ikko Suzuki & Kirara Kawachi, Dancer & Artist
Aoyama | Meguro
Hideki Aoyama, Aoyama | Meguro
Yoichiro Kurata, Shinwa Art Auction
Project Space Kandada
Masato Nakamura & Shingo Suzuki, Project Space Kandada
Tokyo's Art Scene Today: The Power Napping of Art Showing - Eric Van Hove
Ghibli Museum
Kiyofumi Nakajima, Ghibli Museum
Takashi Murakami: Tokyo Impresario - Roland KELTS
Art Space Tokyo: An Intimate Guide to the Tokyo Art World
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Art Space Tokyo: An Intimate Guide to the Tokyo Art World

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