This is the second almanac published by Art AsiaPacific. The publication is divided into two parts. The first part presents contemporary art events happening around the world; the second part introduces the year's artistic activities in each of the 67 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
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Chapter headings
Understanding the global section of the almanc 2007
Art festival - Andrew MAERKLE
Five artists for 2006 and one for 2007
Ai Weiwei
Yayoi Kusama
The Kingpins
Cao Fei
Anish Kapoor
Yeondoo Jung
Understanding the sixty seven countries of the almanac 2007
Afghanistan - Maymanah FARHAT
Armenia - Gin K. HSU
Azerbaijan - Gin K. HSU
Bahrain - Maymanah FARHAT
Bangladesh - Murtaza VALI
Bhutan - Murtaza VALI
Brunei Darussalam - Jessica KRAFT
Bruma - Andrew MAERKLE
East Timor - Jessica KRAFT
Fiji Islands - Jessica KRAFT
Georgia - Gin K. HSU
India - Murtaza VALI
Indonesia - Andrew MAERKLE
Israel - Jessica KRAFT
Japan - Andrew MAERKLE
Jordan - Maymanah FARHAT
Kazakhstan - Gin K. HSU
Kiribati - Jessica KRAFT
Korea, North - Elaine W. NG, 伍穎瑜
Korea, South - Elaine W. NG, 伍穎瑜
Kuwait - Maymanah FARHAT
Kyrgyzstan - Gin K. HSU
Lebanon - Maymanah FARHAT
Malaysia - Andrew MAERKLE
Maldives - Murtaza VALI
Marshall Islands - Jessica KRAFT
Micronesia - Jessica KRAFT
Nauru - Jessica KRAFT
Nepal - Murtaza VALI
New Caledonia - Jessica KRAFT
New Zealand - Jessica KRAFT
Niue - Jessica KRAFT
Northern Mariana Islands - Jessica KRAFT
Pakistan - Murtaza VALI
Palau - Jessica KRAFT
Palestinian Territories - Jessica KRAFT
Papua New Guinea - Jessica KRAFT
Philippines - Andrew MAERKLE
Qatar - Maymanah FARHAT
Samoa - Jessica KRAFT
Saudi Arabia - Maymanah FARHAT
Singapore - Andrew MAERKLE
Solomon Islands - Jessica KRAFT
Sri Lanka - Murtaza VALI
Syria - Maymanah FARHAT
Taiwan - Andrew MAERKLE
Tajikistan - Gin K. HSU
Tonga - Jessica KRAFT
Turkmenistan - Gin K. HSU
Tuvalu - Jessica KRAFT
United Arab Emirates - Murtaza VALI
Uzbekistan - Gin K. HSU
Vanuatu - Jessica KRAFT
Yemen - Maymanah FARHAT
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ArtAsiaPacific Almanac (Vol. 2; 2007)